Comprehensive test-driven development training in .NET

TDD Boot Camp attendees will learn about the following topics:

  • The TDD mindset
    • Why is TDD important?
    • Red/green/refactor
    • Behavior driven development
    • How TDD helps you design software
    • Why testing first is better than testing after
    • Testing frameworks (e.g. NUnit)
  • Writing testable code
    • How to write tests that run fast and are easy to maintain
    • What makes code difficult or impossible to test
    • The dependency inversion principle
  • Using a dependency injection framework
    • How to use StructureMap
    • Advanced StructureMap configuration, tips, and tricks (things you need to know how to do if you use StructureMap on a real world project)
  • Advanced TDD
    • Single responsibility principle, and how TDD helps you design small classes
    • How to use mocking frameworks (e.g. Moq)
    • How to effectively translate technical specs into tests
    • How to test legacy code
    • Other TDD ninja tricks that we’ve learned over the years

We’ll do plenty of hands-on coding along the way, because there is no substitute for trying it for yourself.

The class will be taught using C#. If you would like to use VB.NET, you are welcome to do the code samples in VB.NET.