Comprehensive test-driven development training in .NET

.NET Automated Testing Deep Dive is a half-day session where we’ll cover the things you need to know to master automated testing on real .NET projects. We’ll go over stuff like:

  • What is test driven development, and how to write tests first
  • Different kinds of automated tests, and when to use each kind of test
  • How to design your code with testing in mind
  • Mocking frameworks like Moq, and when to (not) use them
  • Dependency injection with Ninject – what it is, how it works, and how to set it up in your project
  • JavaScript testing (what, I need to test my JavaScript too?)
  • End-to-end acceptance testing (e.g. Cucumber, SpecFlow, UI testing tools, etc.) – when does it make sense to use these, and is this my job or a QA person’s job?
  • Automated testing tips and tricks

We’ll also walk through a sample .NET web app with a web front end and show you how you might set up an actual project, work with ORMs and data access layers, set up your test projects, and make things easy to test. We’ll then roll up our sleeves and do some live testing practice so that you can begin to hone your testing skills.

Please email tddbootcamp at gmail dot com for availability and pricing.